Board Tanks

A turn-based war strategy on Android.

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29th May 2017

Version 1.1b was released. The list of changes:
  • paid maps were added;
  • an ability to play in teams was added;
  • speed and sound settings were added;
  • the camera stops following a tank if the player drags the map;
  • hints were replaced by the guidance;
  • map information was added to the play menu;
  • the map selection menu was changed;
  • pathfinding errors were fixed;
  • shooting range errors were fixed;
  • reset of objects settings at the end of the game was fixed;
  • memory usage was optimized.
28th January 2017

The game is published on itch.io and participates in the Finally Finish Something jam.
27th January 2017

Version 1.0 was released. The list of changes:
  • a save bug was fixed;
  • a bug with the disappearance of popup texts and health bars was fixed;
  • the splash screen was fixed;
  • application performance was optimized.
The game has moved to the work version.
25th January 2017

Version 0.2.2 was released. The list of changes:
  • some graphics for the scaled UI was improved;
  • a few sounds were added.
21st January 2017

Version 0.2.1 was released. Optimization for various screen densities was added. Now user can customize the UI scale.
15th January 2017

One can send a testing report on Beta Family.
14th January 2017

Version 0.2 was released. The list of changes:
  • statistics at the game end was added;
  • calculation of the found gold amount was changed;
  • pathfinding bugs were fixed;
  • pathfinding was accelerated;
  • application code performance was optimized;
  • screen tap recognition was improved;
  • map scrolling was slowed down;
  • zoom sensitivity was increased;
  • English translation was added;
  • some hints were edited;
  • gridlines were made thicker;
  • a donation button was added.
The open beta-testing on Google Play has started.
7th November 2016

Version 0.1a was released. A pathfinding issue was fixed due to which the tank could not reach the base.
5th November 2016

Version 0.1 was released. The closed alpha-testing on Google Play has started.